2000W World Travel Adapter Kits, TESSAN International Travel Power Plug Adapter 2 Outlets 2 USB Ports Universal Plug US To Europe UK Italy France Germany Japan China Australia Etc

Price: $22.99
(as of May 21,2019 10:46:31 UTC – Details)

TESSAN International universal travel adapter will be a perfect power charging solution for you!


Input: AC 100-250V 50/60HZ

Rated Power: 1875W (125V 15A)

USB Output: 5V/2.4A each port, 15.5W/3.1A in total

5 Outlets in 1 Travel Charger

You are able to charge 5 devices with only 1 outlet. 

So you don’t have to search around the hotel room looking for extra outlets. 

2 USB inputs + 2 USA Grounded Inputs are more than you need for your travel purposes.

Covers over 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AUS/IT plugs

Includes 5 Types of International Adapters – US (Type A), UK (Type G), IT (Type l), AU (Type I), EU (Type E/F), Plugs.


This travel adapter is not a power converter, does not support voltage transformation. 

Make sure the total wattage is less than 2000 watts.

UNIVERSAL TRAVEL ADAPTER – 5 types [UK(Type G)/ US(Type A)/ Australia(Type I) / Europe(Type E/F) /Italy(Type L)] of International Plug Adapter for MORE THAN 150 COUNTRIES (NOT for South Africa, India), compatible with outlets in North America, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, etc. NOTE: Some countries in Europe need TYPE C, please check before you travel
2 USB PORTS 2 AC OUTLETS – Our universal adapter is good for charging multiple devices like phone / iPad/ Fitbit / laptop / camera battery at same time (MAX 2000W).Intelligent Charging technology where Each Usb Port can deliver an ideal output current consistently of Up To 2.4A
SAFE AND EASY REPLACEMENT ADAPTER – You can safely replace and use our adapter as its safe and reliable design. This international travel adapter has special locking part for easy switch different adapters and never get loose in the socket. With built-in phone holder on the top of it, you can put your phone on it when charging
COMPACT SIZE FOR TRAVEL – Our portable adapter kits contain plugs from many countries. You can easily solve the troubles of different plugs in different countries with this kit. Ultra mini size measuring 2.4×3.8×1.3 inches and Weighs 5 ounces – A travel Pouch is included with this travel adapter. Designed for Traveler and Businessman
18-MONTH AFTER-SALES SERVICE – All products are of the highest quality and service for 18 months from the date of purchase. NOTE: This travel adapter plug is NOT A VOLTAGE CONVERTER and it will not convert voltage from 220V to 110V. Please check the rated of your device before use, especially Hair Clippers/ CPAP Machine/ Hair Dryers/ Curling Irons etc

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